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Window is another great feature in Total launcher.
Briefly to say, it is a "pop-up (floating) page". You can pop it up on anywhere of the screen with a shortcut or a gesture. It is able to be open even from another app supporting to launch a shortcut. To do this, just create a window and customize it in the same manner as the page. Please watch the following video to know how to create, resize and customize a window.

Making a pop-up (floating) app drawer

To change the position or size of the window, long-press on empty area of the window or press the edit button on the top of the screen. There are a lot of options for a window which are able to be accessed with the options button on the bottom-left of the screen while the window is in resize mode.

1. Window options

- Open alone : Close all windows and folder currently opened before opening this window.

- From bottom : Uses Y-position based on the bottom of the screen.

- Full height : Fits the window bottom to the screen bottom. When the "From bottom" option is on, it fits the window top to the screen top.

- Background : Background of the window.

- Stretch background to window size : Stretches the background image to fit the window size ignoring the original aspect ratio of the image. When this option is off, the background image is crop to fit the window size keeping the aspect ratio of the image.

- Show shadow : Enables the shadow effect around the window.

- Gesture to close : Select a gesture to close the window.

- Action on open : Set an action to invoke when the window is just open.

- Delay of action on open : Delay in milliseconds to invoke the action on open.

Action on close : Set an action to invoke when the window gets closed.

Delay of action on close : Delay in milliseconds to invoke the action on close.

The following video shows how to customize window background.

Blurred background of window

Several great options are added for window and page from the version 1.3.4 of Total launcher:

 - "Action on open" / "delay of action on open" for window.
 - "Touchable behind" in animation & UI options.

These options leveled up creating dynamical UI. Let's watch the following video how the options work.

Opening multiple windows at once with various animations

2. Window animation

The animations of opening or closing of a window are able to be customized in the "animation" tab on the right side of the window options. These options are defining the animations for the window. If you want to make some animations for individual objects on the window, refer to Animations of object.

[Enter animation]

- Enter animation : Opening animation of the window.

- Animation effect : Interpolator of the animation.

- Animation duration : Running time of the animation, in millisecond.

- Entering sound : Sound effect of the animation.

[Exit animation]

- Exit animation : Closing animation of the window.

Animation effect : Interpolator of the animation.

Animation duration : Running time of the animation, in millisecond.

Exiting sound : Sound effect of the animation.

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