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Developing Theme


Here are three approaches to collaborate with Total launcher!

I would like to start a theme business with Total launcher.

Great! It will be a big chance to success for both of your business and Total Launcher. You need to make your own theme picker application for it. Please read this document, which shows how to make your theme picker and theme packages with some example projects.

I wanna publish just a few themes for Total launcher.

Just make your theme packages. You don't need make your theme picker. If you want, however, I will add a link to download your theme package into my theme picker named "ChYK's Theme Collections". This will be very helpful to increase the download of the theme package. Please read this document to know how to make a stand-alone theme package.

I'm just an icon pack developer.

You can make your icon pack support Total launcher with the following codes. Please let me know after making it support TL. I will add your icon pack into the list of recommended icon pack list in this site.

Intent intent;
intent = new Intent("");
ComponentName cmp = ComponentName.unflattenFromString(
                "[your package name]");

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Transition Animation between 2 Objects is Amazing!

Today, new version (2.1) of Total launcher was released. This version contains a lot of new features as following: - supports transition animation between 2 objects on a page and a window or on 2 different windows - new launcher actions: brightness level, auto brightness, media volume level, auto-rotate screen - new widget: analog clock - added "item spacing" option for app group, app drawer, contact and layouts More than anything else, I'd like to introduce the feature of "transition animation". You can build a transition animation between 2 objects existing on different windows by setting the same "transition ID" for them. Here is the video for an example. I believe you can open a new world of animations with it.

Imagine It. Make It!

Total launcher is the most customizable launcher in Android world. Of course, it is still fast, light and easy to use if you blow away stereotypes about the launcher. Do you like a simple home? That's it. Do you like a beautiful home? That's it too. Do you like a smart home? Here is the solution. Is there no home launcher you want? Make it with this. Whatever you want for home, this is it. I would like to tell you just one phrase. "Press and hold it to edit it" You can customize it, whatever it is. The main features of this launcher are:

New Total Launcher was Released!

After a long time struggling to find a right direction of developing TL, new version (v2.0) was released! I think this version will get more satisfactory to both of the power and casual users, since a big improvement is on there with the following features. 1. Layout There are 2 types of layout: Grid and Circle Layouts You can customize the number of items, backgrounds, the style of the icon and label and so on. Each item on a layout can be set totally 5 actions for tapping and 4 directions of swiping. A circle layout 2. Sequence Now you can invoke multiple actions at once with a sequence. For example, opening a few windows at once or set the brightness down and launch an ebook. An example of a sequence I have a plan to add more launcher actions like wifi on/off, adjusting volume or brightness in the future updates. 3. Enter/exit animations for each object When you come back to the launcher or open/close a window, each object on the page or window can