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All-New Update Released!

We've got some great news for you. We've released a new update, version 3, with a completely new app design and a powerful dynamic color system. System theme colors can now be applied not only to the launcher UI but also to the layout design. Just turn on the "Dynamic color scheme" in the UI & Animation options and apply "Dynamic color" to the color attributes of your objects or launcher settings. Applying dynamic color scheme Setting a dynamic color to a color attribute Here are the key new features in this update: - renewed the app design - resolved some issues on Android 14 - supports "Dynamic color" for most options using colors - new dynamic image: "Themed image" - added "Dynamic color scheme" in the UI & Animation options for Android 12+ - added "Themed icon", "Force themed icon" in the Icon style options for Android 13+ - added "Dark icon on navigation bar" in the UI & Animation o