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Managing Pages

Pages are arranged horizontally and you can turn over page by page by swiping to left or right. Each page can be made vertically scrollable in the individual options. All pages are able to be managed in the menu screen.

Menu Screen

To know how to access the menu screen, please read the item 3 in FAQ.

1. Adding a new page

Basically, you must turn on the edit mode first to edit something in Total launcher. Just toggle on and off the locker button on the bottom of the menu screen to turn the edit mode on and off. While the edit mode is on, you can press the "+" at the end of the page list to create a new page.

2. Sorting the page order

The page list supports drag and drop of a page by long-press a page.
Just drag a page and drop it on proper location. Don't forget turn on the edit mode first.

3. Changing "home page"

One of the pages can be set as a "home page", which gets shown first when the launcher is started newly or you press the home key on the other pages. The first page is home in default and you can see the "green" home icon on it in the menu screen. You can change the home page by toggling the home button on the page. The button color is green for the current home page and yellow for the others.

4. Removing a page

Press the remove button on the page that you want to remove.

5. Page background (wallpaper)

Total launcher supports different backgrounds (wallpaper) for each page and each screen orientation. This can be set independently of the "system wallpaper", which is shared for all launchers. Press the the image button on the page thumbnail to set backgrounds of the page.

Page background options

Tap the preview of background in the dialog to change the background for portrait or landscape orientation. (TL supports different designs for each screen orientation).
"Fit type" is the option for how to show the image as a background.

- Keep aspect ratio of image: The image will be cut (not stretched) to fit to the full screen.
- Stretch to screen: The image will be stretched to fit to the full screen.
- Stretch to content: The image will be stretched to fit to the content when the page can be scrolled vertically. That the content height would be larger than the screen height and the image will be stretched to the content height.

6. Page options

When you press the option button, more options for the page are available.

Page options

- Label: Edit the label of the page.
- Fit content to the screen height (make not scrollable vertically): When this options is on, objects can be positioned out of the bottom of the screen and the page gets to be vertically scrollable. (Read the item 11 in Handling objects).
- Action on entered: Select an action (open an app or a shortcut) when fully entered to the page. (Watch this video to know how the option works.)

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Transition Animation between 2 Objects is Amazing!

Today, new version (2.1) of Total launcher was released.
This version contains a lot of new features as following:

- supports transition animation between 2 objects on a page and a window or on 2 different windows
- new launcher actions: brightness level, auto brightness, media volume level, auto-rotate screen
- new widget: analog clock
- added "item spacing" option for app group, app drawer, contact and layouts

More than anything else, I'd like to introduce the feature of "transition animation". You can build a transition animation between 2 objects existing on different windows by setting the same "transition ID" for them. Here is the video for an example.

I believe you can open a new world of animations with it.

Imagine It. Make It!

Total launcher is the most customizable launcher in Android world. Of course, it is still fast, light and easy to use if you blow away stereotypes about the launcher.

Do you like a simple home? That's it.
Do you like a beautiful home? That's it too.
Do you like a smart home? Here is the solution.
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I would like to tell you just one phrase.
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You can customize it, whatever it is.

The main features of this launcher are:

New Total Launcher was Released!

After a long time struggling to find a right direction of developing TL, new version (v2.0) was released!
I think this version will get more satisfactory to both of the power and casual users, since a big improvement is on there with the following features.

1. Layout

There are 2 types of layout: Grid and Circle

You can customize the number of items, backgrounds, the style of the icon and label and so on. Each item on a layout can be set totally 5 actions for tapping and 4 directions of swiping.

2. Sequence

Now you can invoke multiple actions at once with a sequence.
For example, opening a few windows at once or set the brightness down and launch an ebook.

I have a plan to add more launcher actions like wifi on/off, adjusting volume or brightness in the future updates.

3. Enter/exit animations for each object

When you come back to the launcher or open/close a window, each object on the page or window can have different animation and effect individually. It will give you more fun at you…