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Update history in v1

#v1.3.26 (2017.05.22)
- fixed some ANR and crashes

#v1.3.25 (2017.05.05)
- fixed some crash when adding an object on Android 7.0

#v1.3.24 (2017.05.03)
- quick bug fix

#v1.3.23 (2017.05.02)
- supports app shortcuts for Android 7.1
- fixed some bugs

#v1.3.22 (2017.04.14)
- new design for some UI
- well applying system theme colors
- added "full height" in numeric editor for object size when the page is fit to the height
- added the same option for window too
- fixed some bugs

#v1.3.21 (2017.04.05)
- supports Turkish
- fixed some bugs

#v1.3.20 (2017.03.28)
- fixed some bugs

#v1.3.19 (2017.03.24)
- supports dynamic calendar icon
- resolved some security issues
- fixed some bugs and optimized

#v1.3.18 (2016.11.06)
- no play of the sound effect when ringer mode is muted
- fixed flickering issue for "ripple" animation on Android 7
- fixed some bugs

#v1.3.17 (2016.10.28)
- added "blur amount" in UI & animation options
- fixed some bugs

#v1.3.16 (2016.10.21)
- faster behind blur effect for high resolution devices
- added "uniform icon size" in icon style options
- fixed some bugs

#v1.3.15 (2016.10.12)
- fixed some bugs for pinned objects visibility
- fixed some crashes on Nougat

#v1.3.14 (2016.10.07)
- works better on Android 7.0 (Nougat)
- fixed some bugs and optimized

#v1.3.13 (2016.09.22)
- added "disable item menu" in "behavior" options.
- more smooth behind blurring effect
- fixed some bugs

#v1.3.12 (2016.09.07)
- resets 5 seconds delay for KLWP
- added "system theme icons" in "icon sytle" options.
- fixed some bugs

#v1.3.11 (2016.08.19)
- new launcher actions: app search, contact search, search
- swipe down on empty area in search panel for multi-letters search
- added "alternative name" option for contacts
- fixed some bugs and optimized

#v1.3.10 (2016.07.24)
- fixed some bugs

#v1.3.9 (2016.07.21)
supports Greek
- supports multiple letters search in app drawer & contacts
- new launcher action: screen lock
- new object: compass
- added "keep window order" option in "UI & animation"
- fixed some bugs

#v1.3.8 (2016.06.22)
- quick bug fix

#v1.3.7 (2016.06.22)
supports GIF images
- added rocking effects for swipe gestures on object
- added "dark icon on status bar" option in "animation & UI" options (only for Marshmallow)
- fixed some bugs and optimized

#v1.3.6 (2016.06.08)
- added tutorials in menu
- fixed some bugs

#v1.3.5 (2016.06.01)
- fixed some bugs

#v1.3.4 (2016.05.31)
- added "action on enter" for page options
- added "touchable behind" in "animation & UI" options
- added "action on open" & "delay of action on open" for window options (Now you can open multiple windows at once by chaining this action!)
- bug fix in counting notifications
- dynamic text and image for weather require the key now
- fixed some bugs

#v1.3.3 (2016.05.13)
new dynamic text: "WiFi ID"
- fixed some bugs

#v1.3.2 (2016.05.02)
- fixed some bugs

#v1.3.1 (2016.04.29)
- changed some UI designs
- usability improvement
- new built-in widget: page indicator
- new launcher action: restart home
- added some dynamic text for storage information and ongoing event
- added "empty text" option for "next event"(dynamic text)
- added "text color (pressed)" option for text object
- added "categorize items" option for app drawer
- added "menu text typeface" options for app drawer/contacts
- supports new tasker plug in: "launcher action"
- fixed some bugs and optimized

#v1.2.11 (2016.02.11)
- fixed to support "colored system UI" on some manufacturer devices
- fixed some bugs of dynamic text: "battery status", "mobile data" and "next event"
- fixed some bugs and optimized

#v1.2.10 (2016.01.06)
- "Launch phone"(launcher action) launches a proper app now.
- fixed some bugs

#v1.2.9 (2015.12.23)
- quick bug fix

#v1.2.8 (2015.12.23)
- enhancement in notification count
- fixed some bugs and optimized

#v1.2.7 (2015.11.30)
- added "available RAM" for dynamic text
- fixed some bugs

#v1.2.6 (2015.11.19)
- quick bug fix

#v1.2.5 (2015.11.19)
- supports Chinese(Taiwan)
- fixed to invoke proper action when 2 pinning objects are overlapped on different pages
- fixed some bugs

#v1.2.4 (2015.11.06)
- supports Portuguese
- fixed to save layouts properly when editing size with numerical editor
- renewed OK Google options
- fixed some bugs

#v1.2.3 (2015.10.19)
- fixed some bugs and optimized

#v1.2.2 (2015.10.06)
- fixed some bugs

#v1.2.1 (2015.10.01)
- quick bug fix

#v1.2.0 (2015.10.01)
- supports sound effect customization for shortcuts, window and folder
- added numerical edit feature for the position and size of object
- pressed image/color can be set for an image object
- added "reset" menu
- added "shake sensitivity" option
- fixed the issue that page margins are not applied after restarting the launcher
- fixed some bugs and optimized

#v1.1.9 (2015.08.11)
- fixed some bug in loading layouts

#v1.1.8 (2015.08.06)
- fixed some badge count bugs on Samsung devices
- fixed some bugs and optimized

#v1.1.7 (2015.07.15)
- supports Samsung's badge count API for notification count
- fixed "clear all" to work on Lollipop
- smoother snap scrolling of grid on Lollipop
- fixed some bugs

#v1.1.6 (2015.07.06)
- fixed a scrolling bug in app group and app drawer
- fixed flickering when open window from other application
- fixed a bug in loading layout when screen orientation is changed from other app
- fixed some crashes and optimized

#v1.1.5 (2015.06.19)
- added "gesture to close" option for window
- added "search key" in key & gestures option
- added "select icon" option in UI & animation
- own wallpaper changer
- shows total notification count when "notifications" of the dynamic text has no assigned application
- fixed some bugs and optimized

#v1.1.4 (2015.05.22)
- fixed the issue that layouts are suddenly scaled up or down on some devices
- fixed some bugs

#v1.1.3 (2015.05.19)
- supports French
- fixed some bugs

#v1.1.2 (2015.05.15)
- added "blur behind" and "dim behind" options in UI & animation
- added "center in screen" option in folder style
- added "hide items in app group" option into the app drawer
- removed "high quality image" option
- fixed some bugs and optimized

#v1.1.1 (2015.05.05)
- easier access to components of the object group
- added new dynamic text and images: wifi setting, wifi hotspot
- added more detail options for the dynamic text of "next event"
- supports the 3x3 folder icon
- supports expanding status bar for Samsung Lollipop
- added "animation duration" option for folder
- fixed some bugs and optimized

#v1.1.0 (2015.04.24)
- supports theme packages
- customizable badge count style
- shows the badge count on folder icon
- added many options for folder, app drawer, app group and contacts
- new gesture options: "gesture animation" and "gesture vibration"
- more some options: "reset icon and label" and "high quality image"
- added "open alone" option for window
- fixed some bugs and optimized

#v1.0.8 (2015.04.03)
- supports Czech
- unlimited number of pages with the key
- added search function in image pickers
- more sensitive swipe gestures on shortcuts
- enable to add "launcher action" into app drawer/group and folder
- fixed a bug in loading icons of some stock apps
- fixed some bugs and optimized

#v1.0.7 (2015.03.25)
- quick bug fix in icon style

#v1.0.6 (2015.03.24)
- added "opacity" option for app widget
- fixed some bugs and optimized

#v1.0.5 (2015.03.20)
- added "launch animation" option for shortcuts, app drawer and app group
- added "hide scrollbar" option for app drawer, app group and contacts widget
- added dynamic text and image for screen brightness (added some controls in "More shortcut" for this)
- added "disable long-press background" option in gestures
- fixed some bugs

#v1.0.4 (2015.03.12)
- improved initial search
- quick bug fix

#v1.0.3 (2015.03.12)
- supports Spanish(Spain)
- shows "notification panel" when an item has notification count and is clicked
- added "Apps for notification panel" option in "Behavior"
- added "Search in folder" option for the app drawer
- more sensitive for swipe gestures on shortcuts
- resolved the issue of notification count for Viber
- fixed some bugs and optimized

#v1.0.2 (2015.03.05)
- supports Chinese(China) and Ukrainian
- added "snap scroll" option for app group, app drawer and contacts widget
- resolved the issue of notification count for Whatsapp
- fixed a graphic issue for the "flipping page" animation
- fixed some bugs and optimized

#v1.0.1 (2015.03.01)
- added a new page animation: "flipping page"
- added new options for page animations: "duration" and "effect"
- added "Apps for badge count" option in behavior
- added API for icon pack. (for theme developer)
- fixed some bugs

#v1.0.0 (2015.02.24)
- released the first regular version

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