Developing Theme

Here are three approaches to collaborate with Total launcher!

I would like to start a theme business with Total launcher.

Great! It will be a big chance to success for both of your business and Total Launcher.
You need to make your own theme picker application for it.
Please read this document, which shows how to make your theme picker and theme packages with some example projects.

I wanna publish just a few themes for Total launcher.

Just make your theme packages. You don't need make your theme picker.
If you want, however, I will add a link to download your theme package into my theme picker named "ChYK's Theme Collections". This will be very helpful to increase the download of the theme package.
Please read this document to know how to make a stand-alone theme package.

I'm just an icon pack developer.

You can make your icon pack support Total launcher with the following codes. Please let me know after making it support TL. I will add your icon pack into the list of recommended icon pack list in this site.

Intent intent;
intent = new Intent("");
ComponentName cmp = ComponentName.unflattenFromString(
"[your package name]");