Sunday, August 20, 2017

New Total Launcher was Released!

After a long time struggling to find a right direction of developing TL, new version (v2.0) was released!
I think this version will get more satisfactory to both of the power and casual users, since a big improvement is on there with the following features.

1. Layout

There are 2 types of layout: Grid and Circle


You can customize the number of items, backgrounds, the style of the icon and label and so on. Each item on a layout can be set totally 5 actions for tapping and 4 directions of swiping.

A circle layout

2. Sequence

Now you can invoke multiple actions at once with a sequence.
For example, opening a few windows at once or set the brightness down and launch an ebook.

An example of a sequence

I have a plan to add more launcher actions like wifi on/off, adjusting volume or brightness in the future updates.

3. Enter/exit animations for each object

When you come back to the launcher or open/close a window, each object on the page or window can have different animation and effect individually. It will give you more fun at your screen.

4. Many other new features

- many new launch animations: no animation, fast, enter from back...
- supports to "pin to all pages" for object
- new behavior options: force to add shortcut, password, menu lock...
- new UI options: enter animation, dark UI
- new folder style options: item width, item height
- supports window copying

Just enjoy it!